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  • Dr. Hari kiran sir treatment is very good. We went for My mother treatment the confident he gave to my...

    Praveen Reddy

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  • Very good doctor I recommend him 100% ...Recently visited and his knowledge and treatment is fabulous..

    Vamsi Mohan

  • This clinic is very affordable. Staff is good. Doctor explains aboutour condition very patiently. I recommend it for all heart...


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Kiran Heart Care

Kiran Heart Care is one of the top cardiology centers in Hyderabad, which is handled by Dr. Hari Kiran, an experienced Cardiologist. He has 10 years of experience in treating different cardiac conditions and has gained vast knowledge in it. He focuses on offering exceptional care to his patients, and ensures the best outcome for patients.

His dedication towards treating cardiac diseases has improved the quality of life of several patients who visit us with complex heart diseases. We are well equipped with advanced infrastructure to provide proper treatment and care to our patients.

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Our Treatments

Dr. Hari Kiran offers cardiac treatments for any patient, regardless of their age. He is well-known and is proficient at treating the following conditions:

  • High BP

    High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a condition where the blood pressure is higher than the normal blood pressure. It can begin years ago without showing any symptoms. If the condition shows any symptoms, it can lead to serious heart problems and it needs diagnosis. Dr. Hari Kiran can diagnose the condition and provide proper treatment by reviewing systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels.

  • High Cholesterol

    Our body requires cholesterol to build healthy cells, but when the cholesterol levels increase in the body, it can lead to heart diseases. It can be either inherited or it can be due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. High cholesterol can be controlled by following a healthy diet, and with regular exercise. Proper medication can also help to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Heart Attack

    A heart attack occurs when your heart cannot receive enough oxygen due to the blockage of blood flow to the heart muscles. If it is left untreated for a long time, it can cause great damage to the heart muscles. If you ever suspect having a heart attack, visit a cardiologist immediately to get the proper treatment.

  • Heart Failure

    Heart Failure occurs when the heart muscles do not pump blood adequately. It can be due to underlying heart conditions such as coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, etc. If it is detected at early stages, it can be treated with medications. If the condition is identified at a complex stage, it may require surgical procedures to treat the condition.

  • Birth Defects of Heart

    A Congenital heart defect is a condition that exists since birth and it can affect the baby’s heart structure and functioning. The blood flow either slows down, gets blocked, or can go in the wrong direction. In most cases, it does not show symptoms and it is not diagnosed until the child gets older. The treatment for this condition is based on severity, defect type, child age, and health.

  • Pulse Rate/Heart Rhythm Disturbances

    Heart Rhythm disturbances, also known as heart arrhythmia, is an irregular heartbeat. It is caused when the electrical system of the heart does not work well. This faulty electrical system can make the heart either beat faster, or slower. It requires treatment if it causes serious problems or if it becomes complex.

Our Services

Dr. Hari Kiran offers cardiac Services for any patient, regardless of their age. He is well-known and is proficient at treating the following:


An ECG test is a painless, fast and non-invasive test used for diagnosing various heart diseases in people of all age groups.

2D Echo

2D echocardiogram test is used to know the structure and functioning of the heart using videos and images

Treadmill Test

Treadmill test (TMT) is used for determining whether your heart can withstand any stress or excess workload.

Angiogram / Angioplasty

Angiogram is a diagnostic procedure used for assessing the blood vessels for any heart condition. It is a minimally invasive procedure

Pacemaker Therapy

Pacemaker therapy is used for people who have problems with their heartbeat such as slow heartbeat or irregular heartbeat

24 Hr Holter / BP Monitoring

Holter monitor is a small device that can be placed on your chest. This device can record the heart rhythm and rate for 24 hours.

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Patient Testimonials

We have hundreds of satisfied patients who have successfully returned to their normal life with our treatment. A review from our clients gives us power and support to move forward.

  • Dr kiran is a very good cardiologist,pleasant,won the patients confidence,though looks young,pleasent in approach,is knowledgeable ,confident, may be new in kompally. i wish he becomes an big name in interventional cardiology.god bless you

    Amrut Pujari

  • Amazing! I really thank God for showing the right doctor, Dr. Kiran. My mind was full of stress but it was clear when I approached respected Dr. Kiran who treated me very well with appropriate investigations under his observation. Thank you so much Dr. Kiran garu

    Vijay Kumar

    Heart Patient
  • Very Good and Caring Doctor. I have visited doctor for consultation and Doctor relieved me of Fear and Anxiety about my condition for which I have taken consultation. He explained me about my condition thoroughly and relaxed me. Thank you Doctor.

    Aniket Patil

    Cardiac Patient