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A 2D echocardiogram (echo) is a non-invasive, no radiation scanning procedure(uses sound waves) used for assessing the heart. It determines the heart structure, its functioning, heart muscles, and blood flow. This test is helpful for determining the heartbeat and pumping of blood.

Why does a 2D Echocardiogram need to be performed?

2D echocardiogram test is used to know the structure and functioning of the heart using videos and images. Apart from this, it can be performed for the following:

  • To know whether a patient had suffered any heart attack
  • To determine any abnormalities of valves in the heart and to assess the progression of valve disease over months or years follow up.
  • Assess the pumping function of the heart.
  • To determine the cause of irregular heartbeat.
  • To determine coronary heart disease
  • To evaluate the chest pain
  • To determine the cause of breathing difficulty and to know if it is due to any heart problem
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of stenting, surgeries or other medical treatments

How is a 2D Echo Test performed?

Before conducting the test, you need to inform the doctor about your previous medical history or surgeries. The test takes around 10-15 minutes. During the procedure, you need to lie on your back or on your left side. A special gel will be applied to your chest. If needed, to record your heart electrical activity, electrodes will be attached to your chest. 

A transducer device is placed and moved over the gel and various parts of the chest wall to look at the heart from different angles. From the transducer, pulses of ultrasound are sent towards the heart through the skin. An echo from the heart is produced by the ultrasound waves. You may be asked to change your positions several times to take pictures of different portions of the heart. All these are recorded and are converted to images and graphs.

Once the procedure is completed, you can wipe the gel on your chest and electrodes can be removed. You can go home immediately after the test and you do not need to take any rest.

You do not need to take any special care or rest following the 2D echo test. You can resume your daily activities and diet without any restrictions. Your doctor may provide other instructions after the test based on your condition.

Is There Any Discomfort During the Test?

You do not feel much discomfort during the test. But, you may feel the coolness on your skin due to the gel applied. You may also feel a little bit of pressure from the transducer as it is moved on your chest.

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