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Holter monitor is a small device that can be placed on your chest. This device can record the heart rhythm and rate for 24 hours or longer duration if needed, continuously. There are two types of devices. Wired and wireless. Wireless devices are latest and comfortable for patients.

24 hrs blood pressure monitoring, also called Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is a mobile BP machine device that is used for recording pressure in the arteries at frequent intervals for 24 hours or longer if needed. This will confirm the presence or absence of high BP in people when they are not sure about their BP status due to different recordings at home and clinic/hospital. It gives an average BP level of the individual and also average day time and nighttime BP values.

Uses of Holter Monitoring

As mentioned earlier, 24 hours Holter monitoring can be used to measure the heart rhythm and heart rate. It can also be used to evaluate any abnormalities that can affect the normal functioning of the heart.

With an ECG machine, electrodes are placed on the chest to check the heart rhythms. But, a patient may experience irregular heart rhythms only for a brief period and it may be normal when the ECG is performed. As it is difficult to reach a clinic or hospital during that short period to record ECG, monitoring for a longer duration is required to record the irregular heart rhythms. A 24 hours Holter monitor helps to evaluate heart rythm for a longer duration. Using the recordings, your doctor can determine if your heart beating is faster, slower or irregular and advise you accordingly.

If you already have some heart problems, wearing a 24hr Holter monitor can help your doctor to determine if the medicines are working fine or if they need to be modified. It also helps to know the reasons for other symptoms of irregular heartbeat such as dizziness, fainting spells, etc.

How Does a 24 hrs BP Monitor Work?

The machine consists of a blood pressure cuff that can be wrapped around the upper arm. The digital blood pressure machine is attached to the belt around the waist. The doctor or the technician first verifies if the battery life is full and if the machine is operating well. The cuff gets inflated for every 30 minutes or 15 minutes as per the settings and deflates in order to record the blood pressure.

The device monitors the blood pressure continuously for 24 hours. The machine should not be turned off at night as night readings are also important. As the machine is used to record actual blood pressure, you need to carry on your daily routine and all the regular works as usual all throughout the 24 hrs.

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Dr. Hari Kiran is a well-known cardiologist in Hyderabad. He has treated patients with several heart problems. He has good expertise in interpreting 24hrs Holter or BP monitoring . To get 24hr Holter or BP monitoring , consult Dr. Hari Kiran today.

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